Whole Journey Experience of Internet Things Through SenSourcing and Space Technologies

Quality management presents a major challenge for Transport, aiming not only to monitor the shipment’s condition for traceability purposes, but also to minimize the total value of damaged or destroyed goods during transport. WJETSS presents a new paradigm in addressing such challenges by enabling transportable, consumable and perishable “Things” or dangerous cargo (IoT) to “tell” their whole-journey experience (WJE) from production to consumption, through the monitoring and collection of sensor data (called “sensourcing”) from all freight legs. Each freight leg is monitored by sensors installed in the vehicle and the transport conditions are recorded and quality indicators are computed and associated with every single transported product. Multi-GNSS with inertial navigation will provide geo-positioning services. M2M connectivity with global coverage will be provided by a hybrid telecom infrastructure of superimposed terrestrial cellular and satellite based networks.