Upgrade of GPS-navigators and collaborative composition of the world map with dynamic data of road segments for improved GPS-routing.

with a budget of 62.000€, 70% co-funded by the WFP Macedonia-Thrace (2007-2013 NSRF / OP-II and ERDF Act "Support for New Business Activities RTD" Action "Strengthening New and Small-Medium Enterprises"), implemented by the company from 11/2009 to 3/2012. The project was very successful, achieving 100% of its objectives.

The SBOING-1 project involved the development of methodologies, algorithms, software and systems to upgrade GPS-navigators and implement backend systems for collaborative, statistical composition of the world map with dynamic data of road sections for improved GPS-routing. Briefly, within the time-frame of the project the following were successfully completed:

. A study of state-of-the-art and analysis of technologies, data structures, formats, coding, presentation, and standards, used in maps and navigation devices-GPS, with an emphasis on open maps OpenSteetMap (OSM).
. Design and implementation of a database system for the SBOINGT world map, based on the standards of OpenStreetMap.
. Design and implementation of multiprocessor and network backend system that implements the collaborative methodology of SBOINGT.
. Development of algorithms and software for generating and editing the world map in a suitable SBOINGT multiprocessor and network system, featuring security, scalability and high performance.
. Development of algorithms and software for importing user-record GPS traces into the SBOINGT databases.
. Development of improved algorithms and applications for navigation and routing, using SBOINGT data logging and SBOINGT data (sbNaviT), for vehicle navigators (PNA) and smartphones enabled with GPS. The navigation application was implemented in parallel for three operating system platforms: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, CE and Mobile, while the goal is to also be ported to Android, iPhone (iOS) and MS-Windows Phone8.
. Development (in Java, J2ME) of application software (sbTracerT) for recording GPS traces with GPS-enabled smartphones and uploading them to the SBOINGT backend.
. Development of application software (sbDataCreate) for the detailed view of logs and GPS-traces and for the testing of the developed routing algorithms. . Experimental development of a system for recording and transmitting GPS-traces, in research collaboration with the Hellenic Open University (EAP) (a joint research paper received 2 international awards).
. Development of a service (web-service) (sbRoutePlanner) to provide routing services SBOING.
. Evaluation of the developed algorithms for the backend system with emphasis on performance, scalability and security.
. Evaluation of the developed navigation and routing algorithms based on SBOING traffic data, focusing on scalability and performance with main emphasis on implementations for small devices (PNAs, smartphones), (embedded programming / resource-constrained development ).

Through this project, the company has gained significant experience in database management systems (postgreSQL RDBMS) with billions of records, web servers, multi-processing cluster architectures of high performance and high availability, high security network architectures, multi-tier service architectures and web-services, etc., using open standards and FLOSS, significantly.