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Various presentations of SBOING took place in the following events:

12-13/5/2011: Expo of the 4th Int’l Innovation & Entrepreneurial Conf. on Green Technologies: Energy, Transport, Agriculture, ("IE-2011 Green Tech"), Thessaloniki.
[ ], [presentation with a stand and various demos].

13/5/2011: Interview at the e-newspaper / web-tv “” (12 min):
[ ]

15/5/2011: Pitching presentation (with skype) before the judging committee of the Int’l competition MassChallenge 2011.

20/5/2011: Presentation at the Central News Bulletin of ET3 and NET (national, public TV). The News Bulletin of ET3 is available at the ert-archives:

4/10/2011: A. Katsikaridis, "Pilot development and evaluation of a system for the collection of data with ad hoc wireless network of static or mobile sensors", at the international conference "Intelligent Transport Systems" (ITS 2011, Patras, October 2011.
[Prize for “Best student research work”] [ ]

«MAKEDONIA» newspaper:

West Macedonia TV,
Mass Media Group “West” : West Channel, West Radio, Alpha Radio Live appearance of Dr. F.K. Liotopoulos and presentation of SBOING in the morning show "What Dawns" (“Ti mas ksimeroni”) of WEST TV Channel (Western Macedonia), on Wed. 1/6/2011, ~09:10 am.
29-5-2011: "The competitor of ...Google from Thessaloniki!"
27/05/2011, "From the Greek Cinema of 1964 to a Greek state-of-the-art technology of 2011!"
29/05/2011 08:58 "The competitor of ..Google coming from Thessaloniki (originally from Voio, Kozani) and the new national highway at Kozani". ("INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT": e-newspaper / web TV)
(interview 12')
(video) Mr. Google …from Diavata, Thessaloniki! “Dr. Fotis Liotopoulos has developed a GPS-navigator, providing the user with more accurate routing information, even better than that of the... Google giant!!” “SBOING is located in Diavata, Thessaloniki and “dares confront” the giant Google. The General Manager of the company, Dr. Fotis Liotopoulos, presented their GPS-navigation software to”


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