What is SBOING

SBOING.NET ("navigation beyond") (www.sboing.net) is an innovative, collaborative Web-2.0 / Web-3.0 technology for the collection, processing and distribution of traffic data to provide improved routing capabilities for GPS navigation. Users record their routes and ex-change them with free navigation software and world maps, utilizing a credit-based system. After sophisticated processing of the user traces and other contributions, SBOING maintains an active database of traffic data for the entire planet and uses it to perform more accurate routing and offer faster map updates for its users and other GPS-navigation applications.

The SBOING(TM) methodology:

Today’s Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), based on GPS receivers and using static maps are updated at relatively regular intervals, with or without a subscription service. These maps are based almost entirely on static data and, although they are updated periodically by their vendors, their use has several drawbacks, including: - Costly map upgrades (after the initial free offer of the service) - Lack of details and new information - Lack of dynamic data (e.g., traffic conditions on certain days and times of day, traffic lights and waiting time for them, etc.).

The SBOING Concept

  1. Instead of the static speed limit of a road used by today’s navigators, the SBOING technology is based on a collaborative methodology, which consists of the statistical recording, for each road section, of the average travelling time for every vehicle type, weather conditions, day of the week and time of day. Thus, for example, for a 100m section of road XYZ average travel time may be 40 sec., on Tuesday afternoon, or 15 sec., on Sunday morning, etc.
  2. While driving, the GPS unit records and stores a number of parameters, including the vehicle’s GPS position (GPS coordinates), velocity, altimeter and timestamp.
  3. The user subsequently uploads its collected traces to the SBOING web-site and in return (s)he gets updated maps for its PNDs, through a “credit-debit” system (based on credit units, which are called SBOING Credit Units, or SCUs).
  4. The uploaded data undergoes certain statistical validity checks, carried out by the SBOING backend, (to filter out any malicious or invalid data) and it is statistically integrated inside SBOING’s database and world maps.
  5. Based on its collected credit units, each user can download at will maps and SBOING traffic data for any region of the world, through SBOING’s web-site.

Advantages of the SBOING Technology

The time-variant data, collected and used according to the SBOING technology:

  1. leads to more accurate routing decisions compared to existing commercial PNDs, which are based on static traffic information (e.g., the speed limit, etc.),
  2. does not require special facilities, infrastructures, or other external information sources (e.g., street sensors, references of active mobile phone densities, etc.),
  3. produces more accurate results than other methods which cannot accurately distinguish and isolate data traffic on specific roads or on small roads,
  4. have an inherent, independent mechanism: a) to produce new maps (for uncharted areas), and b) for self-updating of existing maps,
  5. is able to distinguish and provide accurate routing instructions, depending on the type of vehicle (e.g., pedestrian, fast / slow motorcycle, fast / slow car, truck, bus, taxi), weather and corresponding road conditions (sun, rain, snow, etc.).
  6. has better scalability properties, compared to other real-time approaches, as it is worldwide in scope. Most other approaches rely on tracking only certain roads due to practical constraints and to the high cost of establishing the proper sensor infrastructure for the data collection,
  7. it is compatible technology with all existing PNDs,
  8. it has an ecological and socio-economic dimension (reducing fuel consumption, pollution, traffic congestion, etc.).

How does it work?

SBOING™ works in 5 easy steps:

  • Get a FREE SBOING™ trace-logger for your navigator
  • Collect traces, while driving around
  • Upload your traces and earn credit ("Sboing Credit Units", or SCU)
  • Exchange the accumulated credit (or buy SCU) with updated maps.
  • Use FREE SBOING™ navigation software to read the advanced SBOING™ maps and take advantage of the more accurate SBOING™ routing!





sbNavi(tm), is SBOING's GPS navigation app, which implements and stands in the core of the SBOING collaborative social network and corresponding methodology.

sbNavi(tm) is offered in four editions:

a) one community (non-commercial) edition, fully functional and offered for FREE,
b) three commercial editions (Silver, Gold, Platinum), offered for less than US$10.

The commercial editions of sbNavi(tm) are differentiated from the community edition, in terms of more rich options, features and functionality. The SBOING navigator is / will be offered for various devices (PNAs and smartphones of various vendors) and various operating systems (Android, Apple iOS, MS-Windows Phone OS, etc.) and it is / will be available through the app-stores of various software vendors (e.g., Apple's iTunes, Google' Play Store, Microsoft's, Samsung's, NOKIA's, etc.)

  • Number of View Macros
  • Number of Waypoints
  • Number of Maps
  • Number of Favorites
  • Voice guidance enabled
  • Number of Voices
  • Trace replay duration (in sec.)
  • Send a trace by email
  • 1
  • 3
  • 1
  • 5
  • No
  • 0
  • 20
  • No
  • 5
  • 10
  • 3
  • 20
  • No
  • 0
  • 120
  • No
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • Yes
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • Yes


  • offered for FREE (community version) and uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps (FREE),
  • adaptive and self-improving, due to its collaborative and crowd-sourcing nature,
  • leads to more accurate routing decisions compared to existing commercial PNDs, which are based on static traffic information (i.e. the speed limit),
  • is able to distinguish and provide better time estimates, depending on the type of vehicle (e.g., pedestrian, fast / slow motorcycle, fast / slow car, truck, bus, taxi), weather and corresponding road conditions (sun, rain, snow, etc.), time-of-day, day-of-the-week, holiday and season-of-year, [an internationally patented idea!],
  • has an inherent, independent mechanism: a) to produce new maps (for uncharted areas), and b) for self-updating of existing maps (mark road hazards, POIs, road network changes, define the terrain, etc.),
  • high usability (most of its functionality in 1-2 clicks, point definition),
  • multiple user-defined views using user-defined macros (unique feature)
  • high user-configurability (menu configuration, map style/colors, POI layers, favorites categories, etc.)
  • has a 'detour' feature to avoid traffic ahead,
  • has route simulation mode,
  • recorded routes can be replayed (with given PC software or via Google Earth based web application),
  • multi-waypoint routing,
  • multi-lingual support for text and voice guidance,
  • can accommodate the entire planet in a single memory card,
  • adaptive and compatible with a plethora of PNDs and smart-phones,
  • very good performance even with devices with small RAM and cpu capacities,
  • strong security communications support


Get it on Google Play


sbCarNavi(tm), is SBOING's GPS navigation app, specially tailored for in-car consoles.

Activation license codes (Platinum Edition) can be purchased from the SBOING e-shop. For license activation, first login, then go to MyAccount and press the "Activation Licenses" button.

car console android with sbCarNavi



Download sbCarNavi for Android Consoles



SBOING Route-Planner

Use either text, or coordinates (degrees/decimal), or point‐and‐click, to define your waypoints. You may rearrange them at will; the live route gets updated instantly and turn‐by‐turn instructions are shown to you for each part of your route, both in Google terms and in SBOING terms!

SBOING Routing

Plan your multi-point route using sboing route-planner


World Map Viewing Tool

View various layers of OpenStreetMap and Google maps.



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    The METPEX research project (FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1) was launched on November 1st, 2012, followed by a kick-off consortium meeting, held at the University of Coventry premises on 8th and 9th November 2012.
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    Upgrade of GPS-navigators and collaborative composition of the world map with dynamic data of road segments for improved GPS-routing
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    Location-based, Distributed, Data Aggregation using an ad hoc Wireless Sensor Network of stationary or mobile Sensor nodes for near-real-time information dissemination.


Accepting the global challenge for advanced satellite navigation and routing, we are morphing the SBOING technology into the new World Navipedia!

Company info

SBOING is an innovative high-tech SME in the field of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), in its early development stage. Established on 4/2/2009 for the development of specialized ICT software prototypes, it focused very early on the development of navigation software (GPS/GNSS). The business concept of "SBOING" and the company's business plan were awarded the 2nd Prize in the contest for "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", organized by the Regional Innovation Pole of Central Macedonia (Dec. 2008). Since then it has excelled in various international competitions for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, such as: the "MassChallenge 2011 competition" (Boston, USA), "Greece Innovates" (SEV-Eurobank, 2011), Int'l Conf. ITS-2011, "Arduino Contest 2011", "NOKIA Mobile App Competition" (Athens, 2012), MobIP-2012, European Satellite Navigation Competition (2012).

SBOING implements an internationally patented, collaborative, crowdsourcing, Web-2.0 / Web-3.0 technology for collecting, processing and distribution of road information and traffic data to provide improved routing for satellite navigation devices (GPS navigators). Users of such devices record their routes and exchange them with free maps and traffic data from all over the world, enjoying better routing, faster map updates and more accurate routing time estimates, compared to all other navigators and routing services.

SBOING's strategic objective is to rapidly evolve into a noticeable player of international caliber in the market of satellite navigation software applications and services, with high visibility and a large, active user-community.

Distinctions | Publicity | I.P.R.

Management Team

Dr. Fotis K. Liotopoulos, (MSc CompSci, PhD) Founder and CEO / CTO, executive with long experience in the management of innovation and dozens of related R&TD ICT projects, patent co-owner.


Mr. Theologos K. Liotopoulos, (MSEE, MBA) Shareholder, CBDO, coordinating Sales & Marketing), executive with long experience as business consultant for business development of large ICT companies.


Mrs. Paraskevi Karypidou, (BSc CompSci, MSc) Non-executive, external advisor, Informatics educator, MSc in Graphical Arts & Multimedia, SBOING patent co-owner.

Why Invest in SBOING?

  • SBOING is Innovative and based on cutting-edge Technology!
  • SBOING’s Business Plan is very diverse and versatile, thus minimizing risk of failure!
  • SBOING is internationally patented! (individual national patents pending)
  • SBOING’s products and services are already here!
  • Social networking and collaborative services are very popular today!
  • GPS navigation and Mobile Apps are very hot topics today with rising trends and SBOING’s timing is excellent in this respect!
  • SBOING is very competitive, even compared against the giants of the market (TomTom, Garmin, Navigon, Google, etc.)!
  • SBOING’s Business recipe is proven; it already works for OpenStreetMaps!
  • SBOING is very much focused and extrovert!
  • SBOING already has more than 20 business contacts who have expressed interest for B2B collaboration!
  • SBOING is International, manageable locally and very efficiently!
  • SBOING is highly based on and leveraged by Internet technology!
  • SBOING has a skilled and experienced Management Team, both technical and business!
  • SBOING is ‘financially healthy’ with no loan or other obligations!
  • SBOING offers potential ROI of 2x to 10x!

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